ROC Services

ROC (Registrar of Companies) takes care of the incorporation of companies in India and also regulates the companies after the incorporation. Post incorporation, the companies have to comply with all the requirements that are laid down as per the companies act. If a company fails to comply with those regulations, they have to pay heavy penalties along with ROC fees. FULLFILL Compliances have a dedicated ROC team that can help you with the ROC works at various stages of company operations. We offer the following ROC services to the companies incorporated under the Companies Act.

1. Incorporation of a Company (Private/Public/OPC)

2. Incorporation of LLP

3. Incorporation of Section 8 Company

4. Obtaining a certificate for commencement of Business

5. Helping formalities in appointment of the Auditor as per ROC

6. Fling ACTIVE eForm

7. Filing of DPT -3 form

8. DIN eKYC filing

9. Recording minutes

10. Board resolutions preparation

11. Annual Returns filing (form AOC-4 and form MGT-7)

12. Preparing Directors report

13. Transfer of shares

14. Appointment and resignation of Directors

15. Increasing Authorized share capital

16. Issue of equity and preference shares

17. Issue of debentures

18. Charge creation

19. Release of charge

20. Sale of company

21. Closure of the company

22. Other ROC services